Tire & Wheel Canada

When passion and business meet

An idea that will go far

Combining his love of cars, business and e-commerce, Pier-Emmanuel Jolicoeur launched his first online tire website in 2012 and celebrated his 10 anniversary in 2022.

His goal: to provide Customers with the biggest selection of tires and wheels at the best price.

Jolicoeur had worked in the automobile industry for years prior to that point, acquiring a lot of experience as the owner of two tire and repair shops. To offer the best possible service to his customers, he hit upon the idea of selling tires online. Today,Tire & Wheel Canada ( TWC ) is a very successful transactional site that keeps growing and growing.

A huge inventory means a wide selection of tires

The right tires at the right price

This business model is possible because several business partners own a number of warehouses in Eastern Canada. TWC offers a vast selection of tires and wheels for every budget and is committed to providing customers with the right tires at the right price. With its considerable buying power, efficient shipping processes and top-notch team, TWC can offer discounts on tires and wheels for both cars and trucks.

The company owes its success to its team of dynamic and dedicated employees, as well as to the excellent business relationship it maintains with its suppliers. Working closely and communicating effectively with these suppliers enables TWC to provide its clients with the best products and services on the market. And the excellent value TWC clients enjoy stems from the solid long-term relationship the company has established with its major suppliers.

A promising future

Always doing more for you

With a view to making your life easier and providing you with tires and wheels at the best price, the company continues to improve its online offer. Over the next few years, several changes will be made to the purchase and delivery processes on the transactional platform to simplify the e-shopping experience. Offering the best tires at the best price on an easy-to-use online shopping site is the TWC way of putting consumers first!
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