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ranking of the best winter tires of 2022

Our team of experts wants to offer you the best choice of tires so you can drive safely this winter. We combined the results of several analyses, comparisons, road tests and other criteria to present you the winter tires that stand out because they grip the road and evacuate water more effectively than the others.

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Top 7 winter tires for automobiles

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Top 5 winter tires for trucks/SUVs

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A good winter tire

A winter tire retains its effectiveness in temperatures as low as -40°C. The deep V-shaped treads evacuate mud and water efficiently, thus ensuring the tire grips snowy and icy surfaces more solidly, as well as reducing the likelihood of skidding when turning or having to slam on the brakes.

The type of winter tires you pick will be influenced by the roads you regularly travel:

And what about all-season tires?

They are not recommended for temperatures under -7°C. We suggest choosing winter tires based on the weather conditions in the region where you live. In addition, you should always respect your province’s laws and regulations regarding tires.

To help you make your choice, our experts have worked hard to identify the best tires available.

We ranked our winter tires according to a score based on a number of indices. Every brand of tire has been tested according to varying road conditions:

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